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And now to the Adverts, Badverts and just plain Madverts!

‘Tis that time of year again, and in the days prior to the holidays, adverts hitting our screens will try to terrify us into buying, at ever inflated prices, the must have toys, DVDs and CDs, as if to refuse is to risk being reported to Childline. The powers that be will attempt to convince us that we have to watch that programme ‘the whole country is talking about’. That is those of us who aren’t to busy worrying how to pay for this annual madness. Dinnae fash, there are ad’s to tell you about that too!

Since the days of soap opera starting on radio (a vehicle to advertise what? well soap actually), the ad men have been involved in defining what we ‘need’, in the gentle, and not so gentle, task of retail alchemy – in this case turning something we never considered buying into something no self-respecting viewer could, or should, live another day without.

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