To VETO or VOTE? X marks your spot-unless it’s in Barlinnie,Saughton…..

There is a truly,Tory irony in a time of cuts to social services,education,health etc. that Camers and his merry,pompous band of “If only the atlas could be a 6th pink again!”,have orchestrated a vote (mark that word!) to involve the U.K in flipping a finger at Europe and needlessly costing this land millions in legal fees and compensation payments.That is,of course,not including the damage that will be done,overtly and covertly, to the already dented image of the U.K. in Strasbourg and Brussels.

The ancient Chinese warlord Sun Tzu,author of the still used “Art of War” wrote that only a fool takes on a battle in the knowledge that he cannot win. Apply that rule here-Cameron and his out of touch pals are fools (I know-No,really!) You’d sussed,I’d sussed. Their behaviour is that of the spoiled,petulant schoolboy caught between selfish want and the school rules. Knows he’s in the wrong,knows there will be a price to pay but,Hell! The big boys in the class will think he’s a real firebrand. The rest of us will see him for what he is – a prat! Worse,a prat using our money.

The vote I mentioned- The European Court ruled that it is incomaptible with Human Rights Law to declare that X can’t mark his “x” come election day because X is a serving prisoner. Seemples! The problem arose in that Camers,terrified of being seen as soft on crime,decided to do the “line in the sand” act regardless of legal merit or cost to the country.

Such a shame given the growing number of former M.P.’s who could set up surgeries in various of H.M.Prisons-some even in marginal constituencies.

The U.K. signed up,albeit decades late,to Europe.It was in ink,not wholly invisible but decidedly weak  ink. Since then relations have been frosty.You can’t blame the Europeans-we turned up late,won’t change to their monetary system,we hate their Convention on Human Rights (“criminals’ charter”) and our main export to them is the violent drunk on a package tour or football trip.

Back to the issue. Camers heard of the ruling that would allow 28,000 U.K.pisoners the vote and “felt physically sick in his stomach”,as if from a bad leftover meal at Eton we presume. So the “Not on my watch!” farce began,and, rolls on. Images of the Charge of the Light Brigade averted them not.

In the full and certain knowledge that this pathetic approach will cost this country serious money and has no legal basis,the U.K.Parliament voted to reject the European Court’s ruling.

The  serious payback will come when contracts are awarded in places other than here. Why would a muti-national invest here knowing that,in the event of a legal dispute going against the U.K.Government they will just refuse to play on? This vote will hamper the efforts of British companies looking to trade,set up and expand abroad.

The U.K. is bound by the European Court’s rulings-end of! You don’t like the rules,don’t join the club.

The point at issue is thereby irrelevant ,but,to gain more kudos and divert attention from Iraq,Afhganistan,the economy,the NHS etc. what could be better-“pack up the walls with the dead(heads) of England”, that Agincourt attitude to the fore and ready the chequebook.

This whole episode will make the U.K. a laughing stock in Europe yet again,the bumbling cousin who has to be invited but we hope won’t actually turn up.

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