Why Red Nose Day should cause some Red Faces

So,the annual charity “guiltfest” creeps over the winswept horizon-the night to avoid any “social” places,block BBC 1 on the remote and shudder at just how gullible your fellow Brits really are.Yip,Children in Need is getting nearer and folks will be dusting down their fancy dress,cleaning last year’s collection buckets and planning mass invasions of otherwise nice restaurants and hostelries.We will be urged to call Auntie Beeb with our credit card details by celeb’s of varying,if any, talent and,of course, the loathesome Davina.

You guessed it,I am NOT a fan of forced,so called “charity”.

Let’s remember that one of the first things Cameron and the other “prefects” did was to see the economic opportunity in slashing welfare,health and aid(unless foreign) budgets by dumping the whole thing on the public wrapped up as the “Big Society”. Effectively,we who have been paying for the provision of these services for years through taxation,will now also pay via collection tins-La Cosa Nostra must look on in awe! We are of course in this position due to Blair’s “I’ll do anyting for you George anything” and Cameron’s compadres in the Maths Club getting a few calculations wrong in their attempts to make it big.They did make something big,but it was brown and a tad smelly.

For years I have had serious problems with the whole concept of Pudsy Bear and the rolling onsceen cash count.

Look back over the uses to which the cash has been put-kidney machines,scanners etc. That is my point,we are being “guilted” into a second NHS budget.

I have absolutely no doubt that there are little grey,grey suited number crunchers in Whitehall and council finance offices calculating roughly how much will be brought in and how it means that they can avoid using funds from their department’s precious budgets to pay for the things we all thought the public purse was for. Having wasted £4 billion on the Dodo Nimrods and way more on dry docked aircraft carriers,not to mention illegal wars,Children in Need,Comic Relief and the like must seem like their prayer answered.Throw in some old style variety performances and the chances are that no-one will question the thing.

Celeb’s will queue up even to answer a ‘phone  on camera.Would you really want to be the celeb’ lambasted for refusing to take part on the basis of principle? No-career ending stuff that.

Before I’m accused of being stingy,selfish and just plain “un”British,this is my stance. I am all in favour of charity and its benefits to all involved.I do charity work,I give to some charities.I won’t say for which and how much simply because doing things for charity I agree with,but,wittering on about it-no.

Chief among these sinners? Why the same Tony Blair who, having used your money (and your relatives’ lives remember) to invade and disable Iraq,tries to bask in the giving of his book royalties to service personnel’s charities.

Note(1) the dosh is only needed because of his actions and he has already pocketed the book deal advance money anyway.

Note(2)  your taxes paid for the war and more of your cash is now required to buy the book.

Note(3) had he been honest,even with his own Cabinet,we wouldn’t have had the war which caused the casualties which required the care which required the money which led to the book.

We’d also have been spared such gems as “I loved Cherie that night with a hunger”-Yeeeess.

In twee Edinburgh there are few things as nauseating as watching someone’s video of the child they sponsor in a far off land while drinking Fairtrade coffee from a village made mug.

If you are sick of the weekly,now daily,assault course of trying to walk down Princes Street  ending with as much change in your pocket as when you started try this:-

The next time an escapee from a climate aware camp rattles a tin at you,ask that most relevant question,”What percentage of your charity’s take goes on salaries and admin’?” (Many of those you ask are on £8 an hour by the way). The blood will visibly drain and the inane smile droop. “Shit,this one isn’t playing the game!”

So dear friends,my point is this.It will be well packaged,schmaltzy in the extreme and show(exploit) many tear jerking shots of patients,but,Children in Need exists to provide the State with a second,and supplementary,welfare/health taxation system.

Time to put the responsibilty back to those who are paid a great deal for taking it on. We could maybe syphon the bank bonuses and ministerial pension pots-seemples!

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