Tommy! (A modern day schmoozical!!)

Gail! Gail! It’s a big lie!

You’ll be suing them then?

Now,all that follows could have been so easily avoided by use of Triple “A” – Admission,Apology,Amends

Rumour has it,this short (extra?) marital exchange led to one of Scotland’s lengthiest,and most costly,legal actions. It trundled on from the Civil to the Criminal courts and,although coming to some sort of conclusion this week with Tommy Sheridan’s 3-year jail term,it ain’t over by a long stretch.That is to say a stretch far longer than that the not so bold Tommy is starting,or,many legal commentators feel, should have been at least two years longer

It was Dr.Johnson’s opinion that, “There are few uglier sights than a Scotsman on the make”.

In many ways, the saddest thing about Sheridan embarking on his ill considered,criminal scheme is that it is far from a victimless crime. His daughter, Scottish socialism, all those he sought to cajole into supportng his untenable stance.You could argue for the witneses,the folk who had to listen to him on two juries as he castigated those who just told it like it was. The economists among you may also consider the inclusion of the police time,court costs etc,etc.

The fact is that this was a premeditated robbery without violence. The fortunate Gail may well proclaim that Tommy fights for socialism “with every beat of his heart”,but, not in this case. His actions were far from altruistic,they were a fairly complex criminal plan to trouser £200,000 from a company he hoped would be considered by the good folks,of Edinburgh at least, ready for a fall. For a while the plan went well and whether Gail’s Cherie Blair like smile outside the Court of Session was from glee or just plain surprise that they had won an “away” match,we can only guess.Would he,I wonder,have taken legal action if the claim had appeared in a cash-strapped freesheet?

To me, it is actually sad that someone who has undoubtedly done immense amounts for “the cause” has,in turn,done it immeasurable damage whilst seeking personal gain.He could have gone down in history as the charismatic,Scottish politico who could actually spell (and define) socialism. Instead he’ll be remembered for a different form of going down.(steady! Ed.)

As soon as other high-ranking SSP colleagues disputed Tommy’s claims,this could no longer be peddled as a “David and Goliath” battle. “Shall brithers be for a’ that” fell like snow off a dyke. This was no difference in ideological opinon,this was if X is telling the truth then Y is lying. Given not only the verdict,but the admissions in the Sheridan tapes,only one conclusion can be drawn.

His belief that those to whom he had confessed would give false evidence simply because “It’s me Tommy!” is staggering in its arrogance and self delusion. The Blair school of rewriting history had a new pupil taking Facts-v-Fiction 101.

Even at the sentencing diet,was he the only one who didn’t see the hypocrsisy in his using concern for the time spent away from his daughter? Perhaps he should have thought of that way before he took the criminal course of action that would cause that separation.

Sadly,the real point seems to be getting obscured.

From the start,Sheridan conceived and persisted in an immoral, criminal enterprise for financial gain-as the meerkat says,”Seemples!”

Do not be schmoozed by Tommy,and his entourage,the lure of a jackpot payday outweighed principles,beliefs and concern for the Scottish public,whose coffers remember paid for the the latest chapter.The same public coffers will,no doubt,meet the costs of his lengthy appeal process. I wonder how many drop-ins for addicts, shelters for the abused etc. such amounts could have funded?

Tommy Sheridan’s crimes have some unseen,but nonetheless damaged, victims.

Alan Muir

( Solicitor-Advocate )

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