A.I.D.S -v- A.I.D.S – An Unfair Fight?

Solicitor-Advocate and legal commentator, Alan Muir, considers the insane position we find ourselves in where the battle against

(A.I.D.S.)-Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

is being hindered by unlikely foes in the form of

(A.I.D&S.)-Anachronism, Ignorance, Doctrine and Self-Interest (the Catholic Church)


Once more we have reached World Aids day (December 1st.)  It strikes me that we have been have been brought to a position similar to that of Pandora’s Box in that the Demons of Humanity have been released into the world and what remains is hope. Thankfully, we have many people, famous and unknown, working to combat this human, deadly plague.

Since the early 80’s this disease has been recognized as among us like a dark, invisible killing machine. Then the battle lines were drawn-no sharing of needles, no dirty needles, no unprotected anal sex. In other words a few years of –  “It’s ok chaps-only junkies and poofs!” How times change!

I always wonder how much publicity, effort and money would have been invested from the outset in finding a cure if these two groups, intravenous drug users and the male gay community, had been the only ones to be infected and affected (?)

These groups launched powerful and effective campaigns against the spread of A.I.D.S. albeit against a backdrop of a not particularly supportive press and debates raging about whether or not it could have been a secret chemical weapon gone wrong-courtesy of the U.S. of A. As I say, how times change!

We were then told that actually this thing killed “nice” people too, contaminated blood products etc. spreading the disease. The fight went into overdrive. HIV was now us not them.

Drugs companies, not in any altruistic way, have spent years seeking to develop a cure as if searching for a medical “Holy Grail”, sadly so far, with about as much success.

Celebrities turned out in force, some to be seen turning out in force, and others, chief among them Annie Lennox, actually rolling up her sleeves and entering the fray.

Therein lies the problem – Celeb’s.

Up against their good work is the celeb’ to beat all others, short of the second coming- His Holiness Pope Benedict and he’s infallible- aye right!

Add to that the ingrained and inherited African male status symbol of turning out as many babies as you can, music to the former Hitler Youth member’s ears, and I fear a losing battle-‘though maybe not war.

How an infected baby born of a child mother who has been gang raped by “peace keeping” forces can be called a “gift from God” eludes me.

By consistently stating that condoms are some form of “latex Lucifer” and not, under any circumstances, to be used, the sterling work being done by those I have mentioned, and so many others, is set back decades – so the death train arrives silently, invisibly at a new destination.

It is the religious version of “Pea and ham? From a chicken!” Sex advice? From a celibate!” Alchemy indeed.

Those who work with in the real world are effectively portrayed as trying to persuade the collection giving faithful that what the Pope says should be ignored, contradicted and dismissed. Where might that one end?

Let’s forget the numbers of children born into a short and misery strewn, painful life. A doctrine is a doctrine after, and in the face of, all.

This is, to my mind, one of the greatest crises the world faces and unless we get off our knees, figuratively and literally for some, this is a losing battle.

Until that “Road to Damascus” clarity arrives, no concert, celeb’ recording, T-shirt or the like will slow this death train-far less derail it.


The spread of HIV/A.I.D.S. in African nations has been as horrific as it has been swift. The dark skies are now gathering over e.g. Rumania. In Africa, there are areas where 80%+ of babies are born with HIV, some through rape, child prostitution etc. so starting generational HIV. Against all this, in countries which hardly had their worries to seek, there is the immense work being carried out by World Health Organization and the many community workers prepared to go into these unknown, and uncovered, areas to risk themselves but possibly save a life or lives of another.

Annie Lennox works tirelessly in the fight to publicize the reality of the problem as what it is-OURS, to get treatment for those infected and to combat this modern plague.

After Africa, there are the Balkan nations, sadly under the same death warrant doctrines from Rome.

How many, I wonder, have to die painfully, invisibly and needlessly before we act – free of the incense influence?

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