Ballad of the Three

Ballad of the three “B”s – Bush, Blair and Brown
Each a self-serving, corrupt “B” to be sure

Tony, even you must by now have sussed it,
That you left us to drown in the mud.
That long awaited Dear John letter,
Was written in young squaddies’ blood.

The toll of the dead and the maimed just keeps rising
Even your mindless faithful can now smell a rat.
While you and Lady Macbeth rake in the fees
Stunned families pray “In Pace Requiescat”

Your get out of jail, ”History will forgive us”
Got us back in for the last electoral poll,
I suggest that you visit your mate at the Vatican
They tell me that confession is good for the soul.

I don’t think we have that much time left
To make amends for the deaths and moral downfalls
I could tell the public the real story,
But, as you so rightly gambled – I don’t have the balls.

I could tell them of my concerns and my warnings,
That you chose to dismiss out of hand.
How my childhood in a staunch bible setting
Taught me all about a Bush in the sand.
But you, you just wouldn’t listen,
Your own ego became a Westminster plague.
Now thousands of souls look down upon you,
We won so the rules were forgotten, avoiding a trial in The Hague

Some day we will have to answer,
For the lies, occupations and deaths we imposed.
When we search out that final resting place,
St. Peter’s Gates will stay firmly closed.

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